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What is a praline?

What is a praline?

A question we get asked regularly, especially from those of a non southern decent. So we are here to clear things up and to get you informed on some of best, sweetest candy on earth! A praline, in short, is a sugar coated nut. Traditionally, a praline is a maple or brown sugar flavored confection made with pecans. Some pralines are simply a nut with a brown sugar coating around them while others, are flat and have a harder more crunchy texture with pecans mixed in.

Our pralines are a New Orleans style that have a rich, creamy, fudge like texture that melts in your mouth and yes, you guessed it, pecans in every bite! Our confections are made up of sugar, corn syrup, butter, nuts, flavoring (maple, whiskey, chocolate), and vanilla.  All of our pralines are made from scratch and handcrafted. We have no added preservatives, plus, we are Kosher and gluten free!

Our Leon’s Classic Pecan Praline is the traditional maple flavored praline. We also make a cashew and black walnut pralines with the same maple flavor.

Cashew Pralines
Cashew Praline
Black Walnut Pralines
Black Walnut Praline








Now, we love tradition, after all we are a third-generation owned and operated family business but with all that history must come change so we decided to take the original pecan praline and substitute the maple flavor with some good ole Tennessee whiskey bringing you Leon’s Pecan Praline with Jack Daniels. And we didn’t stop at the whiskey, we also offer Maker’s Mark Bourbon and Disaronna Amaretto pralines.


Pecan and Jack Daniels Praline
Leon’s Pecan Praline with Jack Daniels
Pecan and Makers Mark Praline
Leon’s Pecan Praline with Maker’s Mark                                  Bourbon
Pecan and Disaronno Amaretto Praline
Leon’s Pecan Praline with Diaronno Amaretto









And of course, last but certainly not least..Yia Yia’s Chocolate pecan praline. This praline was created after a number of customers visiting our store asked “Where’s the chocolate?!”, so Leon’s wife Myrna came up with, what soon became a favorite, Yia Yia’s chocolate praline. A few years later we decided to add some bourbon to that chocolate praline creating Yia Yia’s chocolate praline with Maker’s Mark Bourbon.

Yia yia’s Chocolate Pecan Praline
Yia Yia's Chocolate with Marker's Mark Bourbon
Yia Yia’s Chocolate with Maker’s                       Mark Bourbon









Now that you know all about pralines your probably wondering how to decided which one to order. Being as they are all so delicious, you really can’t go wrong. But if you need some help, the classic is always a good one to start with. Some of our customer favorites are the classic and Leon’s with Jack Daniels. Our favorites just happen to be the bourbon, both chocolate and regular.

You can go to our website and order your favorite flavor or if you’d like a variety of all the different pralines try our Deep South Tin. You can also call us or stop in and visit our quaint little store in the heart of downtown Nashville.

Check out our other blogs to see what other kind of candies we are cooking up! And read up about our history and how we got started.

Thanks for reading!


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